Another One Bites The Dust

Cue the familiar Queen bass line ( and don’t confuse it with Chic’s Good Time’s) That’s what comes to my head every single time I break another traditional “comb piece.”  I’m up to about 2 per week.

Styling textured hair requires strong tools and accessories.  I go  through more combs and attachments than I’d even care to keep up with (Exasperated sigh).

A little about me.  I don’t waste.  Inventory costs money .  I’ve been very well trained over the years by every salon I’ve ever worked for that provided inventory and it followed me as I free lanced.   So, every dusting of acrylic, every bling of glitter or rhinestones is used.  If I drop them, it is as if my heart fell on the floor and shattered with all the “damn it’s!”  Every ounce of hair product is cut away from tubes and spatula’d or “wanded” out with Nikki’s Magic Wand (shameless plug, for a friend’s amazing start up…but seriously, get you one).  So imagine my

another one bites the dustemotional shatter. every time I hear the first break of the tooth on a comb attachment that I know will be followed by several more to resemble a 6 year old’s school pictures by the end of my work day.

Or worse, when the  insides collapse from around the flimsy rubber banded base and shoot across the floor.  Now, even my  “MacGyvered” make shift, in the mean time, in between time, blow dryer won’t serve me well.  I start the cycle of purchasing  the comb piece, to attach to the traditional dryer via techniques that will probably detract from the life of the dryer and fighting the fight of holding the dryer by the body because the handle will guarantee I will lose the whole attachment, drying the hair and preserving the flimsy teeth all while praying I don’t hit myself or someone else in the head with the non universal, universal attachments.  What do they call doing the same thing and expecting a different result, again? Ummm….

I want my Diversame Drying Tool and I want it NOOOW!  The amount of frustration that comes with the early deaths of traditional comb pieces and twisted wrists, and fatigued hands is just much too much at times.  And if I feel this way. I can only imagine how someone else might feel who may be trying to  dry, diffuse elongate their natural coils only to risk becoming Ralphie from a Christmas Story!  One should not have to worry about “shooting one’s eyes out” from just trying to dry and style hair.  It shouldn’t have to be this way and I am doing everything I can to get this tool into all of our hands ASAP!

The moral of the  story,  Missing teeth are only permissible with children.  It’s simply adorable and then their adult teeth come in and their little bodies have to catch up with those big teeth!  In the styling world there are no excuses.

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