The Solution is Near! 36


A few weeks ago, we debuted our “teaser” video for our forthcoming crowdfunding campaign. We were so delighted that so many people were able to relate to the pain points shown in the video.

As we approach our campaign launch it dawned on me how important it is to be concerned with the process of under-served demographics in the marketplace.  Growing up, I always saw commercials for Pantene, Prell, Pert Plus and Salon Selective Brand shampoos.  I can still remember the jiggles that went with the commercials.  These commercials detailed healthy hair was supposed to look like:  straight, long, full, flowing, glistening.  None of it looked like mine.

You see, I learned the process of obtaining hair that did not belong to me. My peers did the same.  We’ve learned processes of shampooing and blow-drying  hair.   It’s assumed our processes are all the same but they aren’t.   Everyone sees the amazing versatile hairstyles that WOC wear,  but like a secret society, only the people involved know the process of achieving them.

We are so happy that soon, there will be a solution to make the process of drying curly hair textures easier.   The solution is near!  Look for our campaign December 10th!

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